Ksenia Schnaider fall/winter 2014 lookbook

http://dlvr.it/6kK7tk @VivaTechnics

“Right Place, Right Time” – Van & Vehicle Paintings by Kevin Cyr

http://dlvr.it/6kHbFh @VivaTechnics

Fashion Photography by Riccardo Vimercati

http://dlvr.it/6kG5XL @VivaTechnics

Marrakech by Robin de Lestrade

http://dlvr.it/6kDb52 @VivaTechnics

Playful Street Art by Fra.Binacoshock

http://dlvr.it/6kC3p3 @VivaTechnics

Amazing Clay Illustrations by Irma Gruenholz

http://dlvr.it/6k9cgy @VivaTechnics

Vintage Photography by Linda Mc–°artney

http://dlvr.it/6k899w @VivaTechnics

Unofficial Problem Bank list declines to 447 Institutions

http://dlvr.it/6k7Hgr @VivaTechnics

Schedule for Week of August 17th

http://dlvr.it/6k6N5P @VivaTechnics

T-lights holders made of Sea glass

http://dlvr.it/6k5SWp @VivaTechnics

1 Old Garden Hose and 201 Zip Ties

http://dlvr.it/6k4Zqg @VivaTechnics

Upcycled plastic bottle drawer storage system

http://dlvr.it/6k3kkS @VivaTechnics

Lamp from recycled materials

http://dlvr.it/6k2sJ7 @VivaTechnics

Repurposed industrial dome light

http://dlvr.it/6k1xV2 @VivaTechnics

Giant coffee cups from repurposed tyres

http://dlvr.it/6k10Xt @VivaTechnics